Dogs for Rehoming


Breed: Greyhound

Sex: Female

Age: 4 Years Approx

Eden is a lovely greyhound who came to us for rehoming when she retired from racing. She’s quite a small greyhound, but she’s fast when she wants to be! 

Eden is a cuddle monster, and will seek out anybody who’s willing to give her some fuss.. she will happily jump up for a hug if you’ll let her! 

She does enjoy a run, but equally a lead walk and back to bed would suit her just fine! She’s quite a quiet dog. 

Eden does walk well with the other greyhounds here, but can be grumpy if the boys show her too much ‘attention’ and apparently, she was the same when kennelled with dogs at the racing kennels. She may be able to live with a calm male, but that would depend on a dog meeting here. She will need a home without cats. 

As Eden is an ex-racer, she has never lived in a home, and may take some time to adjust to life in a home, she wont be familiar with all of the sights and sounds. 

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