Dogs for Rehoming


Breed: Collie Crossbreed

Sex: Male

Age: 5 Years Approx

Jack is a handsome lad who came to us for rehoming due to his previous owner working hours changing, meaning that Jack wasn’t getting the time and attention he needs. 

He’s a nice lad, but can get very anxious and likes his routine! He’s obviously a Collie cross, but we are not sure what the other half is… Kelpie, Shepherd or Lurcher has been suggested. He can be a ‘quirky’ lad and will need an experienced Collie home. He’s definitely not a first time dog – and will need an understanding home. He did briefly go out to a home, but was returned as his behaviour was too much to cope with. 

Jack is a lively dog, and can sometimes be quite boisterous… however exercising him in kennels can be a challenge (and he was the same in the adopters home), most of the time he refuses to walk on a lead, and will put on the brakes…there’s then no moving him forward; only back to where he set out from. He’s absolutely fine if hes being taken to the exercise compounds for a run around and a game of ball! He does play nicely, and really enjoys a good run around. We would suggest that a bond is built up with Jack within the home/garden before attempting walks, as if he feels anxious or overwhelmed… he has been known to get defensive. 

During his brief stay in a home, Jack also displayed some guarding behaviour around the furniture (beds in particular), however this kind of behaviour wasn’t reported during his original home… for this reason we wouldn’t be able to rehome Jack with children under 16yrs. 

Jack is a friendly dog, he’s great with people generally… and enjoys meeting new people! He’s also been around other dogs, but can bark at others whilst on walks. 

Jack doesn’t cope well with kennels, and gets quite worked up when the other dogs start to bark, however he is situated in a ‘quiet block’. He will need an understanding and patient home that will allow him to decompress from kennel life before starting to work on his anxieties. 

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