Dogs for Rehoming


Breed: Border Collie/Springer Spaniel/Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sex: Male

Age: 3 Years Approx

JJ is a handsome lad who came to us for rehoming due to an incident in the previous home with a 10yr old child – he did nip the child on two occasions. For this reason he can’t be placed in a home with children. It’s a very sad situation for JJ to be in, as he was clearly very well loved.. and had bonded very strongly with the lady owner, which was part of the problem.

JJ is 50% Border Collie, 25% Staffy & 25% Spaniel…. he has traits of all 3! He’s an interesting mix… who loves to have fun. He’s quite a large lad, with a lot of energy, he will need plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation in his new home to keep him happy…

He has had some training, and knows most of the basics… a lot of work has gone into him. He’s also very sociable with people and greets everybody like a long lost friend…! However he can be a bit choosy about his canine companions, so may be better as the only dog in the home. He’s also not cat friendly.

JJ will need an experienced home.

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