Dogs for Rehoming


Breed: Large Crossbreed

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year 8 Months Approx

Luna is a large crossbreed who came to us for rehoming due to her previous owners having a new baby, and they soon found that the a large dog and a new baby a small home didn’t work out.

Luna was originally bought as a Belgian Malinois x Mastiff… she does have some shepherd looks/traits, and is heavy like a mastiff type.

Luna has had a lot of work put into her training! She knows lots of tricks… including a bow, spin and through your legs, as well as the basic sit/down etc! This proves that she’s a clever dog that has a strong desire to please her people…training should be good fun with this girl!

She’s a big, strong dog who loves to be out and about.. she will need plenty of regular exercise and mental stimulation. She just loves to play ball… she’s great fun! She does quite a strong prey drive, especially where birds are concerned!! She wants to chase every bird she sees… and has had us ‘mud-skiing’ on several occasions!

Luna seems interested in other dogs, but has never lived with one.

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