Dogs for Rehoming


Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Male

Age: 4 Years Approx

Paddy is a handsome Border Collie who came to us for rehoming due to his previous owner not having the time for him. He came in with another dog, but they’re looking for separate home as they did squabble in the home (usually it was the other dog that started it).

Paddy is a friendly lad, and seems to really enjoy the company of people.. he’s always pretty happy to say hello, and if a game of ball is on offer; then you’re a friend for life!

As he’s a Collie, Paddy loves his exercise, and is enjoying the regular long walks, and playtime here with us… something he’s sadly not been used to latterly. He really enjoys playing ball. He will need a home where people can give him not only plenty of exercise, but also plenty of mental stimulation to tire his brain out!

He does seem sociable with other dogs, so could possibly live with a female dog… this would depend on a dog meet here, and whether the other dog would tolerate his zest for life!

Paddy would benefit from some more basic training, but he seems like a bright dog, who is keen to please.. so that shouldn’t be too difficult! Please note that in his last home, Paddy wasn’t fully house trained, so this would need more work –  although with access to a secure garden and plenty of walks, he should get the idea pretty quickly.

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