Burt (now Luther)

Luther (was Burt)

We have recently had an update on how Burt (now Luther) is getting on….he was a very energetic dog and is still a very busy boy….he has started doing Cani Cross and won his first race! His owners are also very proud of him as in 12 weeks he has progressed in his training from the Loose Leads Delinquent Class (!) to getting the  Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen award.

Nala (was Carmen) & Dennis

Dennis & Nala (was Carmen)

Little Dennis was found by himself in a field in the middle of nowhere! He was about eight weeks old and full of fun.  As you can see he is now happy in a new home living with another ex Ark cat Nala (was Carmen). Their owner says that the two cats are inseparable and they feel incredibly lucky to have two such adorable  characters as part of their f

Coco with pal Rosie the Terrier


Seven year old Coco came to us when her previous owner had to move to  accommodation that did not allow pets.  She was a friendly cat and had previously lived with a dog.  As you can see,  she is again happily sharing a new home with a canine pal and has become best friends with Rosie the Terrier.  Her new owner says that Coco and Rosie hit it off straight away and curl up together for a cuddle.  They are so happy they adopted Coco and she is the most loving and friendly cat they could have asked for.

Bluey & Bingo (were Austin & Capri)

Bluey & Bingo (were Austin & Capri)

We have  news on how some of the kittens rehomed since our last Newsletter are getting on….Austin and Capri who are now renamed Bluey and Bingo are a joy to watch playing  together and follow their owner from room to room….she says “these black cats have brought nothing but luck into our house”.


Fiesta & Moshi (was Arran)

We have also taken in many kittens who were the result of unplanned litters such as  Cooper and Fiesta  who were born in a garage.  Fiesta has already gone to live with another ex Ark  kitten Moshi (was Arran) and is  doing well in her new home and her owner says she has a super loud purr!

Moshi (was Arran)

Miss Dotty (was Agnes)

Miss Dotty (was Agnes)

Another rehomed cat who has decided that she owns the place is Agnes!  Now renamed Miss Dotty, she is reported to be affectionate and playful. When she was at The Ark we thought she might be pregnant but it turned out that she was just ‘porky’ and her new owner does say that, whilst she has lost a bit of weight, she is still very fond of her food!

Morris resting after a walk!


Morris, found as a stray, was adopted from us last year and is an FIV positive cat. He has to live indoors, but his owner has gone to great lengths to make sure he has the best possible life.  Morris has an outside cat run to play in connected to the kitchen door so that he can come and go as he pleases and has also just been away on holiday with his owner.  They rented a cottage in Lincolnshire and Morris made the journey in his car seat curled up in a blanket.  He was a very good boy and once they arrived he checked out their accommodation and the views over the nature reserve next door.  He was able to go for walks outside too on his harness.  His owner says what a difference he has made to her life and that he is a gorgeous and special boy and she thanks us for bringing him into her life.

Tilly (was April)

Tilly (was April)

In our last Newsletter we wrote about a young cat called April, who came in heavily pregnant and was our first mum of 2021.  Happily rehomed and now known as Tilly, she has let us know that she is being thoroughly spoilt in her new home.  The food is good and she gets Dreamies at bedtime.  She has enjoyed exploring the house and her owner says that she has filled her home with fun, laughter and love.  What a happy ending for a young cat who had been homeless and alone.

Alaska and friends!

Alaska Rehomed at Last!

After being in foster care for over a year, we are delighted to tell you that Alaska has finally been adopted by a friend of his foster carer. His new owner already has two other Huskies, Hector and Storm, and the boys got to know each other gradually …. spending time in the garden and then the house. Alaska then went for a ‘sleep over’ and all went well, so he has now been living with his new family for three weeks …. so far so good! He seems very contented and his new owner is experienced in caring for this breed and works from home, so Alaska will get all the care and attention that he needs. A very happy ending for a dog who came to us from a sad situation after his previous owner died.

Loving his new home!


Ginger….yes he is aptly named….was 15 years old when we took him into our care and was very thin on arrival.  It was clear that he was not a well cat and, after blood tests, he was diagnosed as hyperthyroid. At first the treatment did not suit him, so he then had an operation on his thyroid as well as a visit to the dentist! Over time he started to recover, although it did take us almost four months to get him well enough to be rehomed. This good natured, friendly old boy has now been adopted and, as you can see, he is already enjoying his retirement home.

On arrival at The Ark


Willow, a very chubby 14 year old  Jack Russell, needed urgent veterinary treatment when she arrived as she had a lot of mammary tumours that needed removing and she also needed a trip to the dentist!  This sweet natured old girl went through all this treatment with good grace and obviously started to feel better, enjoying a gentle stroll followed by a cuddle!  She is now doing well in a lovely new home, has slimmed down and goes on ‘proper walks’!

Bernard…unused to kindness


Bernard was another stray who came to us in a very poor state. He was very thin with a dirty, matted coat and was covered in wounds from getting into fights with other cats whilst he was living rough. This middle aged chap was very scared of us at first….probably because he was not used to people showing him kindness. However, he quickly realised that life at The Ark was something to be relished….he was warm and comfortable (he was rescued in February….not a good time to be a stray on the streets) and of course he was being given lots of love. Over the weeks, he blossomed into a happy, friendly boy and is now happily rehomed.

Holiday time!


Ex-racing Greyhound Biscuit was an affectionate, placid boy who loved attention.  He is now getting plenty of that in his new home and enjoys campervan holidays with his family.  He has already visited the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire. His owner reports that, whilst Biscuit can beat him on a sprint, he’s not so keen on hiking and when they did the Pembrokeshire Coastal path Biscuit had to be woken up every time they stopped for a break!  In fact he says that Biscuit spends 80% of his life sleeping and when they were  camped on the moors and visited by a sheep Biscuit just couldn’t be  bothered to even get up!!

I’ve walked far enough!

Safe and sound!


Skip was  about 12 weeks old when he came into our care after being found by a Good Samaritan in a bin on a back street near a block of flats! This good looking youngster, however, was full of fun, very friendly and confident despite this very poor start in life and we are pleased to say that he has now gone to a caring home, where he will be valued and not treated as disposable and thrown out with the rubbish! As you can see, he is now enjoying his home comforts!

Buster…big & bouncy!


Buster, a big American Bulldog, came to us when his owner moved into a flat where no dogs were allowed.  He then went to live with another member of the family, but had to be left for long periods by himself.  This didn’t suit such a boisterous, bouncy boy who loved meeting people.  He was a very athletic, sporty dog and, although he had been given some basic training, was enrolled into The Ark Academy after his school report said ‘there was room for improvement’!  He was a good student and this, combined with his good looks and unusual markings, soon found this handsome boy a new home.  His new owners say “his tail never stops wagging and he is behaving perfectly”.

Fifi (on right) & pal Josie

Sol….a feisty fella!

Egg … my friend the cat!

Waggie Endings!

On our News page, in June, we told you about Fifi,  the Jack Russell,  and her litter of puppies and we thought you would like to know what happened to this little family. Mum Fifi, now renamed Phoebe, was adopted by a couple of our longtime supporters and they report that she is a very loving, happy little girl who enjoys cuddles and playtimes.  She goes for walks in the local park, where she has made many friends… both four legged and two… and is also very interested to discover that the park has squirrels!

Fifi’s family of five are doing equally well…..

Sol, now called Arthur, a little bundle with a furry face and paws and a bald body lives on a farm with his big sister Daisy, a Border Collie, and two cats, Georgie and Bella, and they all live happily together.  Arthur is described by his owners as “a feisty little fella with a big personality who loves country walks and paddling in the river.  Gone is the quiet little puppy we collected in June and in his place is  funny, energetic and fearless Arthur who loves cuddles and gives us endless hours of joy and whom we couldn’t imagine life without. We love him to bits.”

Egg has also settled in brilliantly and his owner says  “he’s made lots of friends and loves going for walks. He’s a very happy, friendly puppy. His favourite thing is sleeping on/with/next to you and having a morning lie in.  He’s gradually won our cat over!  We are so happy to have had the chance to adopt Egg and love him so much”.

Bunny, now called Ruby, loves playing and is very adventurous.  Her owners say “in the sad times that we are living in she never fails to put a smile on the face of all our family”.

Blossom now lives with another dog Max, and a cat, Sooty.  At first Max and Sooty were not too impressed by the newcomer. Blossom has taken over Sooty’s sleeping hammock….a good job he doesn’t fit in it any more!  She loves her teddies and toys and is now a lot braver and more adventurous.  Her owners say ” She certainly rules!!  We already love her even though she hasn’t been with our family long”.

Bud, now called Henry, lives with another dog called Dora and also has several other doggie friends in his extended family and at his doggie day care.  He has settled in well and is much loved.

Bunny makes us smile!                          Blossom …. I rule OK?!                           Bud & friend Dora.

“Mischievous Mutt” Milo!


Mischievous mutt Milo the Patterdale terrier who, although nearly 10 years old, thought he was only 10 months, has also found  just the right home with owners who have previously owned a ‘naughty’ terrier. At first they took him on as foster carers but almost immediately decided to adopt him.  They tell us that he is “Brilliant with the children and they love him.  We’ve had some nice days out together and he’s absolutely lovely”.

Taking it easy!                                          On watch!

Laid back Louis!


Louis the Lurcher, who was with us for almost three and a half years, has finally found a new home!  We couldn’t be more delighted for him. He quickly settled in and  enjoys sitting in the conservatory watching the pigeons in the garden!   Mind you that can be tiring so he also has picked out all the best spots for a snooze!

Settling in….


Duchess was one of our older cats who had quite a few health issues and so we thought she would be with us for a long time.  Happily she has gone off to a super foster home and has settled well.  She seems to have her new owners trained…she stands at the bottom or top of the stairs and calls for them rather than bothering to find them…naturally they rush to see what she wants each time!  As soon as one of them sits down she jumps on a lap, starts purring and nudges a hand to remind them to stop typing and start tickling!

…. to the laundry basket!

Rocco at home!


Rocco, another of our long stay dogs, has recently found his forever home and as you can see is enjoying his new life!  He has lots of toys and  his new owners have held a birthday party for him! He particularly enjoyed the cake!

Enjoying his birthday …….                …….. especially the cake!


Sweep, a lovely tabby boy, was 14 years old when he had to come into The Ark.  He was a laid back sort of chap and very friendly and we are so pleased that he quickly found a loving new home.  His new owners say that he is very affectionate, loves sitting on laps and adores his chin being rubbed.    He likes sitting in the window watching the birds and cows in the nearby field and is enjoying his food..we’re not surprised as he has already sampled chicken, beef and sea bass….which he throughly enjoyed!  His new owners say that he is a pleasure to have around.

Enjoying a paddle …

… and a trip to the beach!

Alaska update August 2020…

This handsome Husky is still doing well in his foster home and has been out and about despite the current crisis….trips to the park and river and to the seaside…all of which he has enjoyed…as you can see.

In the dog house?                            This is a good walk …….                 ….. and so is this!!

Messing about on the river!

Playing fetch can be so tiring!

Rocky latest August 2020 …

He has some  new friends… Roly a Jack Russell and Pearl a Sprocker and he’s also been ‘messing about on the river’!!

Rocky Update!

Rocky’s  new owners have let us know that “he has been a really good boy and has started to settle in nicely.  His favourite spot is curled up snoozing on the sofa.  On walks he is brilliant, waiting at road crossings etc…but he does get distracted by squirrels!  He is fine walking past other dogs but if they bound up to him he seems frightened so we are just keeping him a safe distance from them and will slowly introduce him to other dogs when he knows us better and is properly muzzle trained.  We just want to build his confidence.  He loves playing fetch in the garden and loves cuddles.  We are really happy with how he is doing so far.”

Snoozing on the sofa!                  Thank goodness footies back on!        Off to the park soon!

Rosie came to The Ark at about 8 months old and was left behind by her owners when they moved. She was very frightened and wary and not easy to handle, so we were delighted when she was offered a home with owners who were happy to be patient and understanding with her and let her take her time settling in.

Rosie (now Ember)

Here is an update on Rosie now called Ember…it’s not been plain sailing, plenty of scratches and bites, but she is now really settled and becoming calmer.  She must have had it really tough in her early life as she had massive problems with trust.  It was as if she really wanted to cuddle up, be stroked and have lots of attention, but somehow didn’t know how to and couldn’t allow anyone close.  She still has her moments and attention is on her terms.  She was originally going to be an indoor cat but as she follows me everywhere this has resulted in her becoming an in/out cat!  She pretty much only stays out if one of us is outside in the garden, otherwise she tends to pop out and then back in to see if we’re still there.  She has grown a lot and has become an established member of the family, loved by all.  We are really grateful that we gave her a chance and with time, patience, lots of love and understanding she has really come on in leaps and bounds.

Freya in launch position!

Freya…a little poppet!

Freya & Neil

Dear All, Here are a few pictures of Freya (was Brenda) and Neil  6 months on.  It’s not all been plain sailing, Neil gets some separation anxiety and tends to ‘steal’ things…slippers, toilet roll, mobile phone…so we just give him his teddy instead and then he’s happy… we’ve got used to not leaving things lying about!   Freya is simply a sweetheart and they are both just lovely dogs.

Neil…..sound asleep!                                                     Snoozing together!

Me & the cream fluffy thing pretending the other isn’t there!

This is a much better one of me!


We recently received the following letter… apparently Suki has learnt some literary skills since going off to her new home!

Hi Suki here..It’s been a few weeks since I was adopted by my Dad and this enormous “cream, fluffy thing called Guy the Goldie”. I spent the first 2 weeks upstairs while I settled in but then started coming downstairs to see where Dad was as I really like cuddles and strokes.  Initially these forays didn’t last long as “the big, fluffy thing” got too excited and I had to put him in his place with a hiss and sometimes a paw judged just to miss him!  He certainly got the message, in fact I think he’s a big wimp! Now I’m more used to him and I stay on Dad’s lap while Guy sits between his legs, only inches away.  I’ve been given a nice comfy bed but I spend the nights cuddled up with Dad.  Initially I kept on waking him up in the middle of the night but now I only wake him in the morning.  I’m eating very well and my coat is starting to look quite shiny (the scurf I had has  completely gone!).

Lots of love from Suki

From Dolly (was Lolly at The Ark)

I’ve now been here in my adoptive home for 6 months and I do believe I made an excellent choice when I selected Mummy when she visited The Ark.  She has lived up to expectations.  I now live in a bungalow with a nice large garden with room to chase my ball.  There is a shortage of ball throwers about these days and although I want to chase it from dawn to dusk I regret to say that the parents do not share my enthusiasm!  I take Daddy to the park a fair bit for him to practice his throwing skills but have to keep him on his lead on the journey there and back as he has no road sense.  I’ve got seven beds here, one in almost every room and one in the summerhouse.  I became an auntie to human twins recently but as yet their ball throwing skills are unknown and untested.  I think you have to wait a few months!  I would like to thank everyone who cared for me at The Ark during my homeless spell.  I think I’ve landed on 4 paws here and have got them pretty well trained now.  My human brother, father of the twins, doesn’t seem to know my name – he just points at me and says “lottery winner”!

Dash & Daisy

Dash and Daisy have settled in so well and are loving cuddles. They are helping us remember our Lola in a less painful way and we couldn’t imagine the house without them!

They’re both rather mad when they aren’t sleeping, which makes good photographs a challenge, but Dash especially seems to love the spotlight.


Dear All,
Today Charlie celebrates his 11th birthday. He is the most lovely boy that is very loved. He loves meeting people on our walks and many remark on his good looks.
He enjoys his walks, food and lots of relaxation (meaning he loves his bed). He is in good health… being the runt of the litter hasn’t been a problem.
To celebrate his birthday he will have his favourite  treat.. smoked salmon for tea…Spoilt or what?!
Love to all.



Here is Yellow adopted from you three weeks ago and now called Rosie.

As you can see she has settled in very well, she loves the garden and sleeps on her own bed in the spare room.

Yes you could say we spoil her but she is a delight for us.


Mac  is the most amazing dog, he has fitted in with us so well and we are very proud of him.  He sleeps in his own bed every night and is eager to please (he is very food driven so training is going great!).   He is funny and a perfect little character and he has finished off our little family perfectly.


I’ve always had rescue dogs but never from a Rescue Centre before until Miss Roxy (was Foxy) and let me tell you it was the best choice I ever made. I had come to look at another dog but sadly we weren’t a match and as I turned away I saw this beautiful 12 year old girl and it was love at first sight!  She’s been with us for nearly a year and it feels like she’s been here always. The staff are amazing, helpful, full of information and all the animals are so well cared for.

Star & Sapphire

Thank you for allowing us to adopt Star and Sapphire.  They have settled in extremely well and we can’t imagine them not being with us.  Sapphire (now renamed Mabel) is a cheeky cat and very vocal whilst Star (renamed  Winnie) is very adventurous and loves to get as high as possible.  They enjoy ‘helping’ with lockdown home working but enjoy sitting on a lap in the evening.


He’s as good as gold, sleeps through the nights, let’s us know if he wants to go out, sleeps an awful lot and enjoys watching TV!  He loves being with us.

Donnie (now called Murphy) …

…. is settling in well.  He loves his new bed, especially when the sun shines on it!  He’s a very friendly cat and definitely likes his food!  He also loves my other rescue cat (a stray from a farm) who is now 2 years old.  My other cat wasn’t too sure at first but now they spend hours playing together.

Una at one month

Una at One Year Old!

We rehomed Una as a small puppy just one year ago and recently received this letter about her.

Hi BarbaraUna the “little lap-dog” we adopted is continuing to thrive and has now passed her first birthday – how time flies.  She enjoys two long walks per day, mostly off lead, runs and plays well with other dogs and rarely tires – we understand that Huskies can just run and run! However, I think the time has finally come for   her to accept that she isn’t still a lap dog!!

… at 2 months                                  … at 6 months                             … at 1 year

GREAT NEWS …. Alfie has been such a good boy in his foster home that he has now been adopted permanently!

Great News ….  probably the only positive thing to come out of the current crisis was that, just before lockdown, Alfie went off to a foster home. His fosterer was able to have him as she was working from home and had plenty of time to devote to Alfie. Early reports were good and he seemed confident in his new surroundings and didn’t show his usual anxiety about everything. Our animal behaviourist has been supporting his foster carer (telephone consultations only, of course!) and Alfie progressed so well that he has now been officially adopted.  His new owner says “He’s so calm at home now, he enjoys being brushed and his tail never stops wagging! Dobs, one of the cats in the family, has become Alfie’s little shadow and they are best friends”

A fairy tale ending for Alfie!

Alaska….more relaxed now!

Alaska’s found a foster home! – Date 3rd April 2020

A few weeks ago Alaska the Husky went off to try life in a foster home to see how he would cope on a one to one basis with an owner and if it would help him to be less wary of being touched by hands around his neck and head.  We don’t know why he is so distrustful of this, but can only assume something not very nice  happened to him in the past.  The first thing his foster carer discovered is that Alaska is a bit of a petrol head as he loves riding in cars!  He continues to make progress and seems to be more relaxed about life.  His fosterer says he is very loveable and he will now be staying with her for a while longer until the current crisis is over.

Jack – Date 4th March 2020

We are pleased to say that Jack, who came to us as a stray in poor condition and was not the most handsome chap in the cattery, as his sore eyes and rather dingy off white coat didn’t do him any favours, has finally found a lovely new home. His owners say “he is very affectionate, loves company and they adore him” …what a happy ending for a once very sad stray.

Showing the Bulldog Spirit! – Date 3rd March 2020

We recently rehomed a pair of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs. These unfortunate pups had both been born completely deaf and with almost no vision. Iggy had very little sight in one eye and was blind in the other, as well as completely deaf, but as this was all he had ever known  he coped very well, proving to be a cheeky little chap and a bit of a comic.  He loved cuddles and was a typical bouncy bulldog puppy.  Percy, as well as being deaf, could only distinguish light and dark and was  less sure of himself. We were delighted when we quickly found each one a home  where they would get both the love and supervision they needed.  Percy’s new owners report that he is navigating the house confidently and loves going for walks.  They say ‘he has brought such joy to our family’. The owner of Iggy (now called Pig) tells us he is a great personality and good at communicating …he headbutts them to tell them when he wants something!  He sleeps on the bed and snores all night!

Sam – Date 3rd March 2020

Sam is an example of a cat coming into our care in a very neglected state. He had been living rough for a long time and was very thin and run down when he arrived at The Ark.  For some time he was a poorly boy but gradually improved on a good diet and with lots of TLC.  He also suffered with painful eyes as he had ingrowing eyelashes.  This condition needed corrective surgery and unfortunately for Sam it didn’t work the first time so he had to go back and have a second operation.  Whilst his eyes were healing he had to wear a large collar to stop him scratching his stitches and Sam thought this was rather undignified.  It certainly got in the way when he was strolling round the cattery as he didn’t always allow enough room to fit through gaps and would get his head jammed!!  Sam eventually made a good recovery and has just gone off to a lovely new home. He was a cat who always loved his food and his new owners report that he now tries to con them into feeding him twice each meal time!

Greyhounds Galore – Date 2nd March 2020

Over the last few weeks we have taken in several racing Greyhounds from a  local Racing Kennels, as they were being retired from racing.  Hence the arrival of Comet, Toupee, Gloria, Gary, Gwen, Gavin, Barry, Brenda, Cyril and Neil.  All proved to be friendly, laid back dogs, good to walk and certainly not energetic, despite their breed!  In fact, they all seemed to much prefer lounging around in bed to running about, although they did quite enjoy a quick gallop in the compounds… but then felt they needed a lie down!  We were delighted that we quickly rehomed Brenda, Neil,  Barry, Comet and Toupee.

Toupee has already made herself at home (see picture) and we recently received this letter:

Hi, Just a little note to let you know that Toupee has settled very well in her new home.  She is now called Bluebell and knows her name.  She is enjoying lots of walks to new places and lots of sleeping in between. The house training has been a breeze and she has quickly got used to the novelties in the house, like the TV and the patio doors. Her lovely temperament means she’s been taking everything in her stride and people love her everywhere she goes!

Henry – Date 2nd March 2020

One cat who we are pleased to see the back of….if we may put it like that..is big ginger Henry….we  say this because we were in despair of ever  finding him a new home!  He had a lot of ‘cattitude’, so much so that he bit a couple of prospective adopters who needless to say decided not  to take him home!  However, he is now happy and relaxed in a new home and we are told  “he is a joy to have in the family”!

Zeus – Date 29th February 2020

Hi There,   

I adopted 8 year old Zeus a year ago and since then he’s had plenty of adventures: A holiday in Rhyl when he swam into the Irish Sea after gulls…a toe removed from his right front paw in May… holidays to Cornwall (more fun on the beach) and the Norfolk Broads (where he seemed disappointed with the lack of trees and squirrels)…and recently he has entered into a new “puppyhood” and enjoys chasing his tennis ball.  Zeusy is an absolute joy and I hope his previous owner will be pleased to know he is having a great time and is well loved.

Kevin…Man of Mystery! – Date 29th February 2020

Kevin, a very handsome black and white cat was a regular visitor to The Ark, particularly when we started to feed him! Investigations to find an owner came to nought so we took Kevin in (nicknaming him..Kevin…Man of Mystery!). He certainly took to a life with more comforts enjoying lounging around in the Garden Room Cattery. However he wasn’t quite so thrilled when he was whisked off to the vet coming back no longer a macho male! He was offered a home sharing with dogs, ducks and hens and with a large garden and woods nearby. We were a little concerned that he would stay put after being a gentleman of the road for so long….we needn’t have worried….as you can see he soon made himself at home! He and ex rescue dogs Zack and Alfie are now the best of friends, although we suspect Kevin is in charge!