Our rescue and rehoming centre has modern, comfortable facilities for both cats and dogs.

For Our Cats

The cats at The Ark either live in the main cattery, with outside runs and access to individual cat gardens, or communally in Rogers Room or the Garden Room Cattery, both with outside gardens.

Our cats are provided with plenty of toys, places to sit, sleep or climb and can be sociable or private as they choose. The Ark has cat cuddling gardens and our volunteer cattery helpers are there every day to socialise and interact with our residents and most importantly, to give them lots of love and attention.

We also have a maternity unit for expectant and nursing cats.

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For Our Dogs

The dogs in our care have large, comfortable dog kennels with outside runs. All our dogs go out for walks or playtime at least twice a day and we have 6 acres of grounds for our dog walkers to use, as well as several outdoor exercise paddocks.

Our dogs can try their paw at agility, have a game of ball or just enjoy a good gallop around. All of our dogs are assessed on arrival and, if necessary, go to ‘school’ in our Ark Academy to work with our Animal Behaviourist. Here they can improve their social skills, general obedience and manners, to increase their chance of adoption. We also have an outdoor training compound where staff and volunteers can work one-to-one with dogs on specific behavioural programmes.

The Dog House is a chalet in the grounds, complete with sofa and chairs and an outdoor grass play area with sandpit. All of the dogs love their time in the dog house where they can sit and relax, have a cuddle with one of our volunteers, or dig for treasure in the sandpit!

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In addition to the above The Ark has isolation and recovery areas and holds a weekly veterinary clinic on site. All our cats and dogs are health checked, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and given any necessary veterinary treatment.

Visiting The Ark
This is usually by appointment except on our monthly Open Days (click here to see our Events Page). On these days visitors can look round the cattery and kennels, our shops are open selling gifts, bric a brac, books and toys, and our tearoom serves delicious homemade food.